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Reports are flying around the Internet about people using their VISA debit cards and seeing errors on their billing statements for charges of $23,148,855,308,184,500.  That’s 23 QUADRILLION dollars.  For perspective, that’s: 68,690,965 Airbus A380s 3,858,142 Large Hadron Colliders 13,616,973 Space Shuttles 154,325 Space Shuttle Programs 1,622 times the United States 2008 GDP Of course, the additional $15 overdraft fee looks puny in comparison. That’s a pretty serious software bug and one that will cost VISA a lot of time and credibility to fix.  They’ve already indicated that the charges and the additional fees will be removed.  But in the meantime, some VISA holders are stuck with very empty bank accounts (these were debit cards, so they were directly tied to the card holder’s bank account). Back in October, I wrote about what to do when things go very wrong – when ... (more)

Bug Battle Part III: Twitter Apps!

After web browsers and social media sites, you were probably wondering how we’d top ourselves for the next uTest Bug Battle. Well, after months of debate and deliberation, uTesters will compete to find bugs in six of the top Twitter desktop apps! Unless you’ve been asleep, in a coma, or camping in the wilderness for the past two years, you’re likely aware that the Twitterverse is expanding at a mind boggling rate (thanks, Ashton and Oprah). And since hundreds of apps have been created around the popular micro-blogging site, we figured they’d make a perfect subject for our now fa... (more)

Gmail: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Beta!

Beta software tends to frighten Big Business. They’re skeptical of the phrase “almost done”, and for good reason. They demand a finished product. There are very few exceptions to this. Take the recent news from Google as an example. A few days ago, the company finally removed the “beta” tag from Gmail and several other apps. Most people didn’t realize Gmail was still in beta (or what beta meant, for that matter) and most people didn’t care. So why bother with the change? This article from The New York Times explains why: Practically speaking, the change will mean precious little ... (more)

Adding Caffeine to the Bug Battle Mix

The announcement of Google’s new engine “Caffeine” could not have come at a better time. In light of the current Bug Battle competition, we have decided to add Caffeine to the lineup of search engines to test. The competition is roughly halfway through (testing ends on Friday, August 14th at 11:59pm) with a running total of 310 bugs submitted thus far. To be fair to testers who have already submitted bugs, we are now increasing the bug limit per tester from 10 to 15. Be sure to include Caffeine in your testing. Good luck…and happy bug hunting! P.S. – There’s still time to sign u... (more)

Living with Plugins

Last week I wrote about some of the issues with plugins (especially those in Wordpress) – they’re often times poorly maintained, buggy, and insecure.  We got some great feedback, both on and offline, and today I want to give a few ideas for making the most of plugin based platforms. 1.) Popular Plugins Hint at Missing Features A plugin is fundamentally a way of making a piece of software do more than it was meant to do.  For product managers, a popular plugin can indicate that there is a lot of demand for a missing feature.  Integrating that feature into the core product can give... (more)